Perfect clubs not only perform well, they enhance the feeling and experience of hitting a perfect shot. This is what drives us.

Most fitting in golf separates the golfer from the club. Most fitters do not believe they need to understand the way a golfer strikes a ball. Most teachers do not believe they need to have knowledge of how the club works to do their job. Time spent around the tour has shown us this flawed approach prevails at the top of the game. In our opinion these two jobs need to be done hand in hand and one cannot be done effectively with out the other. That’s not to say our fittings turn into golf lessons, what it means is we have a deep understanding of the effect the club will have on you. Through time spent working with players of all standards we see how quickly golfers adjust to certain elements of the clubs specification. The key is to drive those adjustments in the right direction, to make sure that each club in the bag can be used the same way and provides the same interaction for the golfer.

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What you can expect

Our service is brand agnostic, we work for you. A club specification is by far the biggest driver of performance. At the end of the fitting session we provide you with all the information and not only a club specification but a very clear idea of why this spec will work for you and an exact prediction of the results you can expect to achieve.

Our Workshop

Our custom shop is fully equipped to the highest standard. However when it comes to the work we do the value is in the quality of the craftsmanship and our knowledge of the player’s interaction with their clubs