Nick Moore

Now that I am retired and play a lot of golf,  I wanted extra distance to help me on the long par fours. After a rigorous session in the nets and detailed analysis of my swing, James recommended a new driver with specially selected shaft. This has given me improved consistency off the tee and I love it!

Olof Lindgren

The Team at Urban Golf is in the top echelon of custom fitting - their level of expertise and eye for detail are simply unparalleled in the UK market. If you want to take your game and equipment to the next level, you owe it to yourself to give Urban Golf a shot.

Jake Henning

The technology behind the custom club fitting process was amazing.  I learned more about the relationship between my equipment and my swing in 20 minutes than I did in 20 years of playing golf.  Today, I am far more consistent and I am confident that my custom clubs are fit in a manner which produces the best and most reliable results.

Stewart Eaton

James and his team have a vast knowledge of golf equipment. Their ability to tailor clubs to fit your needs are second to none. They love what they do and have a passion that ensures you walk away with the best equipment for your game.

Torben Catley

I love my new clubs, and cannot imagine playing with my old ones, they feel totally natural in my hands, which just gives you more confidence over the ball.  Ultimately it is one less thing to be worried about, sadly it is one less excuse however.  James’ approach to fitting is very scientific, and we very quickly zoomed in on a combination of shafts and clubs that suited me and my natural swing.

Peter Baader

James Day and David Griffiths of UrbanGolf really know their stuff. The fitting session took well over two hours and they made me hit uncounted balls with all imaginable combinations of heads and shafts. The result: A superb set of irons, wedges and woods that are truly mine, a real game changer! Great craftsmanship, every club built to precise specifications. Should have gone through this years ago. Well done.

Jon Skerry

James and his team at UG were the epitome of professional from start to finish when I purchased my custom built PXG’s. The level of detail they go to is second to none yet they didn’t bamboozle me with too much information. I’d recommend using their services if you want to see the ball go where you want it to! 

Dougray Scott

James day is a brilliant club maker, the only person to build clubs; exceptional in fact.  The clubs are like an extension of your own arm.  You won't find a better club maker anywhere, but you must listen to him, especially about grips, because if you don't, he won't speak to you for quite some time and will be very grumpy with you.

Dan Matthews

I visited James at Urban Custom Clubs simply to get the lie angle of my Mizunos adjusted but walked out 2 hours later having ordered a new set of Miuras, such was the depth of James’s knowledge about the process and the quality of the fitting equipment at Urban Custom Clubs.  And I couldn’t be more delighted!

David Meacher

Understanding the DNA of your swing and moment of inertia synchronisation sound technical but they matter greatly for your golf!! James brings this expertise and more in developing exceptional custom-made clubs. Go and see James and it will be worth the trip!

Charles Hillier

These clubs are the best clubs I have ever had.  They have great feel and balance.  They are so suited to my swing that I feel a I am no longer "struggling to master" my clubs, but am rather "relaxing into" my new clubs.  I have a great positive feedback loop going on, where the more I relax into the clubs, the more the clubs have to give.  I asked for lots of feel, and I've got it in spades.  The feedback from good shots what I enjoy more than anything else in golf and my clubs just keep giving me more and more. 

Mark Roberts

Like most of us, I have purchased off the shelf brands including Titleist, Ping and TaylorMade, accepting on each occasion the advice received from those selling me the clubs and proclaiming to have the necessary knowledge to "set me up just right". None were. Eventually though I was fortunate enough to get myself some Miura forged blades. These are, without a shadow of a doubt, the best made clubs I have ever had. Following advice from my coach, Martin Ayres, I also had them fitted with Nippon Modus 3 130s. Another upgrade from the shafts I had played in the past. 

But....I still found inconsistency between the various irons. Some clubs felt easy to swing, others not so much and it was not simply the difference between the shaft length. Eventually a group of us from Australia travelled with Martin to the UK to see James at Urban Golf. Martin had suggested that he was the best in the business, not only because of his incredible knowledge, but his passion to fit each golfer to find that perfect symmetry FOR THEM between player and club. 

Well.....Martin was not wrong. James was fantastic. As it transpired my equipment was great, but the build was rubbish. The shafts were too short, the lofts and lies were all of the place and while the head weights were spot on, the clubs were not well balanced through the set. The woods though were a disaster and diametrically opposite to what I needed. Through an intensive fitting process that utilised some brilliant software technology known as shaft max, I learnt more in 3 hours about how shafts are designed to work than the previous 20 years of reading golf magazines, watching golf shows on TV and listening to so called experts.  To understand how and why a shaft loads in a particular way based on your swing DNA and what that means for that individual and their optimum shaft profile was absolutely fascinating. Coupled with a proper understanding of lie angles and lofts, I soon discovered what I had thought likely for a long time....namely that what we hear and see from the big club manufacturers in terms of the modern day club is a load of garbage. 

James asked me to do only one thing at the start of the process and that was to trust him. Given I had travelled 10,000 kms to see him, that wasn't a problem. I have to say....I am so damn happy I did. I am in absolute love with my irons. Having been built properly and frequency matched through the set, I am now able to experience the sheer pleasure of hitting each iron like its a 6 irons. Having distance control and confidence in my clubs for the first time ever was worth the trip alone. Then there is the 3 wood. I never knew I could have such a pure club. With the head bent open 5 degrees and 3 degrees flat (from std) I can not help but swing all the way to my left (yes I am a lefty) and the stability through the action with my Tour AD's is nothing like I had ever felt. I am hitting this club 240m and I love it! It was not all roses though. It's a tough market for lefties and we were not able to find a driver combination that felt as I had hoped. Not giving up on me though, I received an email from James last week to let me know he had found a driver head that he could work with. So my driver is now back on a plane to the UK to be fitted with a new head.

You will probably have gathered that I am pretty wrapped with James and Urban Golf. The reality is this....we (avid golfers) spend a lot of time and a lot of money to get better at this game of ours. A game that many of us might be rather obsessive about. It therefore makes sense to give yourself the best opportunity to be as good as you can be by having the best equipment you can put in your hands. In my view James provides this opportunity. I thoroughly recommend giving Urban Golf a go. Ring and speak to James. Once you do you will know exactly what I have been talking about.