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Our Workshop

Our custom shop is fully equipped to the highest standard. However when it comes to the work we do the value is in the quality of the craftsmanship and our knowledge of the player’s interaction with their clubs. We are able undertake all elements of customization including custom sole grinds and hot melting.

How we fit Irons

All of our fittings start with Shaft Max our primary focus is to find your perfect dynamic specification. By understanding how you use the club to generate power we are able to zero in not just on shaft flex but on shaft profile very quickly. From there during the fitting we begin to evolve a blue print club. If we need to build something during the fitting we can do that. Normally our demo clubs have exactly what we need so we make adjustments to those. We avoid trial and error; the approach to fitting where you simply try out lots of different clubs is totally flawed.

The progresses from shaft and lie angle into weight. We have learnt over the years that golfers respond to weight in different ways but all golfers have a weight sweet spot. It’s the place where speed and energy transfer meet. Speed is not the whole story as is portrayed in golf’s accepted wisdom.

Once these factors are optimized we have a blue print club with the best dynamic spec possible.

From here you have a large degree of freedom in terms of club heads and grips. We are able to explain how all the elements fit together. The largest performance factors in the club heads are offset and sole grind. Again these are rarely talked about. Its easier to sell clubs under false claims around extra forgiveness and distance!

How we fit woods

Again these fits start with Shaft Max. We find the vast majority of golfers are using woods that are too long. We spend time understanding where a golfer stops experiencing speed gains from a longer club and loses strike consistency. The over all process is similar to the irons but with a greater focus and maxing out the yardage!

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Dynamic Specification

In simple terms these are the elements of the club which are most important to your interaction with the club itself and they all relate to how the club will feel to swing. Getting these factors optimized into one club goes far deeper than just producing great ball flight, it will mean you are able t produce your best strike more often. The factors that make up dynamic specification are lie angle, shaft flex, shaft profile, over all club weight and MOI.


Shaft Profile

Typically we can separate shafts into three sections: the butt section, the mid section and the tip section. The way these sections are combined defines how a shaft will feel and play. The combination of factors which make up the over all profile are far bigger factors than the most expensive or modern materials which is how shafts tend to be marketed.


Moment of inertia (MOI) is a term used regularly in golf relative to club heads and how forgiving they are. A high MOI club head has a high resistance to twisting on off center hits and is there fore more forgiving than a lower MOI club head. MOI can also be used to measure the way a club feels to swing, a high MOI club will feel harder (heavier) to swing than a low MOI club. We find it to be a far superior measurement than Swing Weight, used through out golf. You can have two clubs with the same swing weight that would feel very different to swing. Every set of irons built in our workshop are MOI matched.

Hot Melt

Nasty stuff! Its basically glue that stays sticky and never fully dries. When heated we can inject it into club heads to reach the desired weight. It can also be moved into different parts of the head to alter performance. Also tends to make the heads sound better because it dulls the high pitched sound made by many modern driver heads. Once it cools it stays where it is.

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Shaft Max

Shaft Max is at the core of our approach to fitting. It was developed by our colleague Tim McGann in New York. Using strain gauges attached to the shaft of a test club we are able to measure how much pressure/load a golfer puts on the shaft of a club. We are also able to understand a golfers exact load profile and marry that directly to a shaft profile. Aiming to fit shaft based purely on ball flight and speed is a flawed approach to fitting.


Launch Max

Launch Max is a camera driver launch monitor also developed by our colleague Tim McGann. We have conducted extensive robot and golfer testing of this launch monitor and it remains the most accurate launch monitor for indoor use. Its also provides a great high res image of impact which proves very valuable during the fitting.