Our Teacher David Griffiths

The feel and sensation of a perfectly struck shot flying right where i’m looking was all consuming. All the hours of practice and hundreds of thousands of shots I hit, really were to experience that sensation again and again. I played around with all the shots my imagination could think up and my focus was always about the shot in front of me and what I wanted it to do.  If I’m honest it never really went past this point and I didn’t really think of winning or making my fortune. I just had a love for the game.  This love for the game helped me to achieve wins in international amateur championships and captain my country at the home of golf all the way to earning my European Tour card.

Having got to a high point in my career cracking the European top 100 I thought if I could just find a bit more consistency then I could achieve a whole lot more. This was the crossroads for me. Figure it out on my own and keep on the nice steady path or open the door to the world of the golf coach.

I was fortunate to work with some of the most renowned coach’s in the game but if I’m honest, the pursuit of a “better swing” or “more consistency” never really came from the things we worked at. Breaking the swing into pieces in an effort to make a better looking version of myself took me away from the game that has shotmaking at its heart.

Having played 4 years on the European Tour alongside the worlds greatest players I learned that anything you add to yourself as a golfer has to be truly owned by you if it is to work within the game. From that point on I set out to analyze exactly why modern coaching seems to lack a full game approach. It was during that search that I found some very like minded thinkers in, Martin Ayers and Michael Powers. I not only made sense of what happened to my own career but found a way to help others improve their golf with a whole game approach. 

Another huge turning point for me was starting to work with James Day here at Urban Custom Clubs. James has shared 20 years worth of knowledge with me about how to make perfect custom made golf clubs for any type of golfer. These skills have also had a huge impact on how I coach the game as the dynamic specification of an individual club can push the golfer in a direction and we want that direction to be the correct one.


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Lessons with me cost £80 an hour.  To book david.griffiths@urbangolf.co.uk